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Masterclass for Architects, interior Design professionals, Students of Design, Advanced Biophilic Designers 


Develop a Crystal Clear Plan for creating wellness and how to succeed in executing it.


You will be able to:

• Get clear on living and working needs.

• Develop and improve your living, working and entertainment spaces.

• Understand the different Biophilic patterns and be able to use them. 

• Develop your own ability to follow through your ideas to completion.

• Look at colour boards, textures, mood boards and products.

Leave the workshop having developed the tools to plan and create interiors that inspire.

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Biophilic Masterclass Whole Series

We will teach you how to have a  CRYSTAL - CLEAR  PLAN for creating wellness and succeed in executing it .




Connection to Nature

In this workshop we discover and explore the principles of our Connection to Nature. Our visual world accounts for 70% of our brain stimuli impacting mood, well being and productivity.  This workshop teaches the uses of natural flow, wildlife and natural terrain and creation of connection to nature when it is not naturally available.




Sensory Stimuli and Air Flow Variability

In this workshop we discover the need for sensory stimuli and airflow variability for whole Biophilic Design.  These connections are random, short, and irregular in nature, learn how to create them in design to pique intrigue and interest. Nature is not uniform, create stimuli and airflow variability for creativity.  Learn to avoid boredom and inertia while maintaining balance wellbeing, and productivity.




Dynamics of Water & Diffused Light

In this workshop learn essential Biophilia design use of the water lifecycle and light.  Without light and water there is no life.  Water, light & Shadow affect our mood, self esteem, productivity and wellbeing.

Learn how to use natural light and create light and shadow for best results in homes and offices.




Natural Systems

In this workshop learn how natural systems are in seasonal and temporal change.  Biophilic Design utilises this awareness of life cycles and seasonality to create relaxation, nostalgia, and open fresh minded awareness.  Use of this principle is evident in advanced designs.




Natural Patterns & Textures

In this workshop we explore the abundance of patterns, shapes, and textures in nature. You will discover the Fibonacci Series, an integral part of Biophilic Design, that is naturally occurring and abundant in nature and architecture. You will learn to implement biomophism in design.




Material Connection

 In this workshop learn how to create a material connection with nature, creating authentic  spaces that feel warm and rich. Learn how the use of different materials can impact both our mood and productivity. Material connection is crucial for people and design.




Complexity and Order

In this workshop we explore  the pattern of spatial hierarchy in nature and  how to recreate it within buildings. We learn how to create Complexity and order, and how to  use symmetry and fractals or irregular geometric shapes. Complexity and Order nourish our wellbeing and boost creativity.




Prospect and Protection

In this workshop we learn about the need for prospect and protection. In homes and offices, Biophilia Design are transforming spaces creating areas that feel free and open & safe. People  need to feel safe to prosper and create, learn Biophilia Design principles that create restorative and stress free refuges.




Enigma, Uncertainty and Exposure

In this workshop we learn the necessity of mystery, anticipation and interest. Using Biophilic Design principles learn how to incorporate these elements in homes and offices.  Learn how to use enigma, uncertainty and exposure to pique adrenalin and pleasure responses. This element brings beauty, interest , and individuality to architecture and interiors.





In this workshop we complete this series and evaluate the processes and principles learned,  What have you learnt?  What are your questions? Now you are ready.






Learn with Like Minded People


Biophilia has never been so important as in these

social distancing COVID times. Harleen McLean Interiors

are bringing people together to share and learn in our online community.


It has solidified my own dreams and aspirations to incorporate Biophilia into all projects that I am involved with be it Eco Cities or wellness centres – and I would love to continue this with Harleen McLean Interiors. Awestruck is one of the best workshops I have ever been to and during the lockdown, doing this on Zoom and talking, discussing and learning about Biophila was truly wonderful! Harleen incorporated all our projects in the discussions and Health was one of the biggest topics that is affected in a positive manner using the concepts of Biophilia. 

Rita Gautam

Biophilic Workshop Attendee

As an artist and designer, I came away feeling informed, nourished and enriched. When the course was complete, I carried with me a multitude of new narratives to apply to my design work and art. I didn’t want it to come to an end! With group and one to one session offered, Harleen and her team were inspirational, professional and supportive all the way!

Sian Lester

Biophilic Workshop Attendee 

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